Personal heroism and environmentalism

Summers can be very hot in Latvia. Everyone wants to  take a dive in the lake or river to cool off. So did I, twenty five years ago.  I was just fifteen by then and I got injured while diving. Ever since i was frightened to swim in any deep waters. Years were passing by and my fear grew bigger and bigger and I started to avoid water completely. It was quite difficult to do thou, as I moved to live to the Netherlands, but I was very creative finding the ways.

It was a nightmare for me to take a bike along romantic canals, cause my fear  would start to grasp my throat so tight I barely could breath. Panic.

So, i decided to take a swimming class. I though I was dying every time i stepped into the water. I have seen many classmates graduating. I wasn’t fast evolving swimmer but I  definitely had a plan to reach a goal. Only two month ago, i graduated, and received beginners swimming certificate. I can save myself now. If it’s not too stormy thou.


Why am i telling you this? Well, i hope to inspire you to fight your fears, not ignore them. And I think from that point, all kinds of new good adventures will arrive on your path.

So, as i have a swimming certificate, i decided to join the “By the Ocean We Unite” crew and be a part of  their Expedition Denmark in august. I have joined this voyage not as a passenger but as an artist instead.

You see, my dream to break free from fear came true, now i have a dream to connect humanity with nature and create awareness, interdependence between those two.  This voyage is my vocation, i guess, and i crave to start and work on my crazy idea!

Stay tuned!

Read more about ocean heros here:




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